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Endless quest for higher quality culture

"Endless quest for higher quality" is what Kingmed adhere for more than ten years as one day, we make every effort to pursue continuous quality improvement and zero defect. With this culture deeply rooted in heart, Kingmed people constantly challenge and surpass international quality standard system and stay in the leading place. Through a comprehensive study of innovation, Kingmed people are more mature and rational to achieve sustainable quality improvement. Fair, accurate, fast, and innovate, build service chain with seamless connection and seek zero-defect quality unremittingly is what Kingmed working for!


Warm and harmonious family culture

"Warm and harmonious family culture", the concept of family has an important status in Kingmed, and we try to create a warm, tolerance, encouraging, supportative and caring family atmosphere for everyone work in Kingmed, sow the seeds of gratitude and responsibility in the heart of our people, provide development room and  platform for employees to achieve their self-worth. Make sure that the staff and the companies grow jointly, and interact harmoniously with development of society.

"Good staff, Kingmed will be good; good Kingmed, employees will be better; everyone is good, future will be better !"


Hard-working culture 

"Hard-working culture" --- August 18,1994 is the day when Kingmed was born, after 19 years of hard work of all Kingmed staff, Kingmed developed into the largest third-party medical testing agencies in China with 21 subsidiaries nationwide and more than 4,500 employees from a single company once affiliated to a college with less less a hundred employees.

The older generation of Kingmed who started from scratch have gone through a  hard and tortuous journey with passion, with hard work,with vibrant entrepreneurial spirit. All this things together make sure that Kingmed can keep the leading place domestically and today’s brilliant achievement.Young generation who inherited the hard-working and entrepreneurial spirit in Kingmed will make a new legend of  company development.


Never-ending innovation culture

"Never-ending innovation culture" --- At the very beginning, Kingmed created a precedent business model of medical laboratory services and standardized management of laboratory in China. Innovation has been through all the development process of Kingmed, it is the golden soul of Kingmed, the Kingmed people uphold professional ethics and innovative spirit, strive to build China's best third-party testing agencies. "Solid pace" and "Never-ending goal" is the incisive summary about Kingmed 18-year development given by Academician Zhong Nanshan at the 2012 year-end meeting of the Group. Academician Zhong believes that the vitality of Kingmed lies in discipline development, lies in the innovation of management and technology. In order to "committed to the pursuit of human health, harmony and happiness of life", Kingmed people continue to challenge themselves, with never-ending innovation spirit in mind to create one miracle after another.