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KingMed University:Achieve sustained in cultivating high-quality professional talents for our company and the industry, shall be built into the “Huangpu Military Academy” in the field of medical laboratory.

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  • Management College

    Cultivate all levels of employees of KingMed to be able to constantly learn and grow in work through on-the-job management training courses . 

  • Sales&Marketing College

    Work on providing study opportunity and improvement platform for KingMed’s marketers, make great efforts to cultivate new type of marketing talents with good professional quality, strong business knowledge and experienced sales skills...

  • Service College

    rovide on-the-job professional service training course for staff of KingMed, aiming to cultivate high quality service personnel, and let them learn and grow continuously during work. The school shall be provided teaching research support....

  • Clinical Examination College

    Provide all levels of professional training for KingMed’s laboratory personnel, ensure standardized post ability training and examination evaluation laboratory personnel though the group’s united training  ...

  • Pathology College

    Train qualified pathology doctor for KingMed, cultivate qualified pathology doctors for the company and society and meet the increasing business demands through classification training to pathology doctors in different specialties....

  • ASCP Pathology

    In November 2013, American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) and KingMed Diagnostics signed an intention agreement to set up ASCP pathology and medical laboratory education and certification training center (Greater China Region)....