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Public Health

Over the past 20 years, KingMed Diagnostics has been actively participating and assisting various national public health project, especially the great performance in the field of chronic disease monitoring, “cervical-breast cancer” screening, Prenatal and postnatal care and inherited metabolic diseases screening of newborn babies.

Chronic disease monitoring

KingMed has undertaken “Chinese chronic diseases and its risk factors monitoring and testing project” by chronic non-infectious disease prevention and control center of national CDC for twice, provided blood lipid and glycohemoglobin detection for about 186.6 thousand people from 31 provinces and 311 counties of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

KingMed has been finished issuing the supplies packaging and quality control of consumption goods distribution for more than 180 thousand people, using dry ice transportation during the whole process. At the meantime, it also frozen over 350 thousand samples in the icehouse with the temperature of -80℃, as well as guided the CDC to complete methodology validation of blood glucose and daily internal quality control of 311 counties in China.


Woman “two cancers”screening and treatment

As one of the medical institutes that carry out large-scale cervical cancer screening, KingMed Diagnostics works with QIAGEN in providing cervical cancer screening service to female that cover 90% national population area. At present, KingMed becomes one of the cervical disease testing organizations with the largest testing capacity and the best equipped testing devices.


In the aspect of breast cancer screening, KingMed actively introduced advanced immunohistochemical and genetic testing technology, developed BACA gene detection and other testing items independently, extended service network into villages, towns and communities.

Prenatal and postnatal care

At present the intervention of birth population quality is just at the beginning stage. KingMed Diagnostics enthusiastically participates in all eugenic and superior nurture works for a long time.



Co-building of testing center for eugenic and superior nurture

On Aug. 28th, 2009, Gangdong Association for Improving Birth Outcome and Child Development and KingMed Diagnostics collaboration established “Guangdong Eugenic and Superior Nurture Medical Examination Center” and settled down in KingMed.

The center actively developed 9 technology platforms, created 5 centers in different fields, established eugenic and superior nurture medical genetic center. The center also increases testing items, helps primary hospitals to carry out relevant eugenic and superior nurture testing items, strengthens academic communication, and helps to increase the diagnosis level of all related staffs and the promotion of awareness and knowledge of the public by following the principle line of hosting large scale provincial academic conferences.


Prenatal physical examination

KingMed Diagnostics devotes itself to improving population quality and lowing birth rate of defect children, as well as widely participated in various prenatal physical examinations all the way.

Regarding the cooperation with Haizhu District in 2013, KingMed Diagnostics carried out a series of activities on “advocate scientific pregnancy physical examination and bear healthy babies- Haizhu Family Planning together with KingMed Diagnostics to enter into community”. In Aug-Nov. 2013, they had implemented 21 free services including eugenics health education, physical examination, Gynecological B-ultrasonic, risk evaluation and Guidance & Counseling for the couples to be pregnant of 18 streets in the district by establishing eugenics lab team and providing physical examination car with movable lab services. They have organized 32 such activities and enable 5,095 residents enjoy excellent prenatal health inspection services at their doors.


Prenatal examination

In September 2012, Chinese Birth Defects Prevention Report issued by the Ministry of Health shows that, the newborns have been found with birth defects during perinatal period ( from the 28th week since pregnancy to one week after birth) was about 5.6% at present, while in 2000 it’s only 1.09%. To calculate in accordance with 16 million newborns every year, on average there will be one “defect child” every 30 seconds, and the newborns will increase 900 thousand each year.

Through introducing of high-end technology platform, KingMed has vigorously carried out such inspection items as Thalassemia and Down Syndrome screening at prenatal stage that greatly reduced birth rate of defect children.


Inherited metabolic diseases screening of newborns

The overall incidence of inherited metabolic diseases accounts for 1/500 of live birth babies. The morbidity of them can be found at born or within several months after birth; and some get ill late which happens during infancy, childhood, teenager and even adult period with various disease categories and low single disease incidence. If the disease could not be found, diagnosis and cure in time, it will result in irreversible hurt to their bodies and bring about heavy economic and spiritual burden to their families.

KingMed introducs tandem mass spectrum lab platform and takes the lead in applying this new technology into clinic. There are more than 40 inherited metabolic diseases can be tested at the same time by taking only 3 drops of blood, which brings about good luck to extensive newborns, children and families.