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As a post-doctoral scientific research workstation and enterprise citizen, KingMed has never forgotten its responsibilities and has been always sticking to collaborative innovation of industry-university-research cooperation. KingMed not only bravely undertook the public subjects of nation and governments at all levels, but also established strategic cooperation with many institutions, encouraged college teachers and students with excellent performance, guided undergraduates scientifically to plan career in advance and jointly explored new mode for cultivation of medical examination talents.


Organize public service platform and undertake various subjects

KingMed has undertaken various public subjects all along and participated in formulation of the national standards of legionella bacteria detection method and standardization of medical laboratory industry, as well as published 165 papers at homes and abroad and involved in compiling and publishing 6 works. Meanwhile, it has been authorized 110 patents, inside of which 2 belong to America patents.


KingMed has established Guangdong R&D Development Center of Medicine Detection Engineering Technology and Engineering Lab of the Third Party Medical Testing Service, within the biomedical detection technology platform which has gained the support from the Science and Technology Agencies of Haizhu District, Guangzhou and Guangdong Science &Technology department, as well as the departments of national Ministry of Science and Technology at each level. Meanwhile, test data management and analysis system based on Cloud computing has been supported by “the Twelve-Five Year” scientific supporting plan; Digital remote pathological diagnosis and consultation platform were chosen as international cooperation projects of Guangdong Science and Technology Department, and the platform has been identified as public technology serving platform of middle and small-sized enterprises of both Guangzhou city and Guangdong province. At present, it’s actively declaring for the national demonstration platform of public technology.


Strategic cooperation of industry-university-research of colleges and universities

KingMed has established strategic cooperation of industry-university-research with nearly 20 colleges and universities, including Chongqing Medical University, Xiang Ya School of Medicine, CSU, Southern Medical University, Anhui Medical University, Shanxi Medical University, Guangzhou Medical University, Dalian Medical University, Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, etc.

Set up “KingMed scholarship” and “KingMed research grants”

KingMed firstly set up “KingMed scholarship” in medical colleges and universities to encourage those students who study hard and assiduously in 1997. Later on, KingMed increased total investment year by year, which means that is not only greatly enlarged “KingMed scholarship”, but also newly added “KingMed research grants” to encourage college teachers. Up till now, nearly 10 colleges and universities have set up “KingMed scholarship”.

Carry out “public lecture on occupational planning” for medical students of colleges and universities

For letting medical students understand, clarify and plan their career as early as possible, Since May 2012, KingMed Diagnostics has made lecture tours in 33 medical colleges since formal initiation of public lecture of “Let’s be closer to the plan” on career planning for undergraduates. The lectures have altogether attracted nearly 5,000 medical students, and received vigorous support and high praise from all the teachers and students.

In the future, KingMed will go on carrying out public lectures to be beneficial to more students in the medical colleges from place to place.


KingMed Examination College of Guangzhou Medical University-actively exploiting the new model for cultivation of medical lab talents

Under the guidance of national “innovation ability enhancement scheme of colleges and universities”, in May, 2013, Guangzhou Medical University collaborations with KingMed Diagnostics in establishing KingMed Examination College of Guangzhou Medical University based on the original medical laboratory department.


The college will follow the new tendency of international medical lab technology to integrate years of accumulated school running experience and the reservation of high-end device platform, technical platform and internationalized talents as well as scientific quality management etc. To optimize course system and foster a set of special courses, as well as establish and practice of development plan on industry-university-research integration by drawing on the cultivation of talents on medical lab technology of developed countries, meanwhile stick to collaborative innovation, exploit and bring up new mode for our medical talents, and commit itself to cultivating medical lab talents who are practical, innovative and international.


ASCP (American society for Clinical Pathology) Pathology and Medical Laboratory Education and Certification Training Center (Greater China Region)

In Nov 2013, KingMed signed the LOI with American Society for Clinical Pathology (hereinafter referred to as ASCP) to establish ASCP (American society for Clinical Pathology) Pathology and Medical Laboratory Education and Certification Training Center (Greater China Region ) , and settle the center in KingMed, which means our pathologist and medical lab staff will have more chances on utilizing continuous education resources and receiving certification at world-class level. KingMed will cultivate a lot of pathologist and medical examination staff with skilled technical operation, innovated thinking mode and overall quality meeting with international standard through introduction of ASCP education and certification system.