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Talent View

People-oriented Talent Foremost

People are valuable resources, especially the high-qualified talents —— the important assets for KingMed. On the one hand, we keep on recruiting outstanding graduates/undergraduates from well-known universities, and cultivate them comprehensively in order to gain excellent employees, On the other hand, we constantly invite and attract subject experts and interdisciplinary management talents who accept and agree KingMed’s values to maintain our leading advantages of technology and management.

We put people first, cherish talents, strive to provide a warm and harmonious working environment and broad career platform for our staff, Set up a talents team with same believes, same sense of moral, same dreams and same goals.At the same time fulfill our operation philosophy that “KingMedwill become better while employees are good; employees will becomebetter while KingMed is good”,.All of us should put our effort together to become the best independent laboratory in China.