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Policy & Information


Post-doctoral research center

Kingmed post-doctoral research center, established in 2013, aims to create an advanced learning-research platform for recruiting senior talent from China and overseas, developing research talent pool and obtaining high-level achievement in scientific research.   

We have integrated organization and management system to support the operation of post-doctoral research center. Management committee defines overall policy and principle. Expert evaluation commission, composed of Ph.D.s from China and overseas, is subordinated to the management committee and responsible for evaluation of research specialty, recommendation of tutor and subject as well as assessment at midterm and completion of research. In addition, project management office is set up for daily management of postdoctor.

Besides rewards and compensation for senior talents, 150,000 CNY for project start-up fund, 105,000 CNY for annual subsistence allowances and more than 200,000 CNY for setting-in allowances are available for postdoctor in Kingmed.


Thousand Talents program

Kingmed has developed as the leading independent medical laboratory in strength, scale and progress in China. Now our services divide into four sections: medical diagnostic testing, clinical trials testing, hygiene testing and medical research service.  As the best laboratory test and general pathological solution provider in China, we have provincial central labs established in 22 capital cities (including Hong Kong), more than 1,600 test items available for over 13,000 health care organizations in 30 provinces (including autonomous regions, municipalities and special administrative regions) covering 90% domestic people. So far Kingmed has been awarded with Top 10 Chinese BIVA of Health Care Industry, Future Star of 21th century-The most promising emerging enterprise in China and Forbes Chinese Potential enterprise. You can apply for Thousand Talents program with the help of our high-tech platforms.

1、Long term project of innovative talents


•  Have gained Ph.D. degree from abroad. Do not exceed 55 years of age.

•  Have served as professor or equivalent at world famous universities, research institutions, enterprise, or financial institutions.

•  Spend no less than 3 years of full-time work in China after introduction. 

•  Have no experience of full-time work in China. 


2、Top talent and innovative team


1) Be top expert in natural science or engineering technology. Spend no less than 5 years of full-time work in China after introduction. 

2) Fulfil one of the following criteria:

•  Be holder of Nobel Prize, Turing Award or Fields Medal.

•  Be granted Academy of Sciences or Engineering in developed countries such as USA, UK, Canada or Australia.

•  Be renowned scholar in world-class university or scientific research institution.

•  Be other top talent in need and shortage in China.


Besides rewards and compensation for senior talent in Kingmed, up to 1,000,000 CNY is funded for each selected candidate as lump-sum subsidy by Chinese Government.