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ASCP and KingMed Diagnostics Joint Hands to Establish an Education and Certification Training Center




On November 10, 2013, ASCP signed a cooperation intention agreement with KingMed Diagnostics to establish ASCP(America Society of Clinical Pathology) Pathology and Medical Laboratory Education and Certification Training Center (Greater China Region), which shall be located in the base of KingMed. This means that pathologist and medical testing personnel of China will get more world-class re-education resources and certification opportunities. The completion of the training center will promote medical laboratory gradually move to international level in terms of talent training and qualification certification in China, and speed up the develop direction of internationalization, normalization and standardization of the industry.

ASCP settle down in China has been paid great attention of the medicine both at home and abroad, as ASCP’s cooperative partner in China, KingMed Diagnostics also became the hotly argued. A health reform expert said, "The State Council recently issued ‘Opinions to Promote Development of Health Service Industry’, which clearly mentions that support to health service related supporting industries including the third-party inspection and testing, etc. ASCP promoted mostly confined the certification system beyond the seas in the past, but it carried out deeper interactions including professional continuing education, academic research and so on with the help of the third-party testing platform in China. With new favorable polices on health service, the exploring significance of the cooperation between KingMed and ASCP shall be especially worthy of attention.”