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Hu Chunhua, Secretary Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Secretary and the Accompanied Persons Visited KingMed Diagnostics for Research


On 12 of September, 2013, Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Secretary Hu Chunhua carried out a special-subject research about emerging industry development situation, KingMed Diagnostics is one of the three companies where Secretory Hu carried out his research. Guangdong Provincial leaders including Lin Musheng, Wan Qingliang, and Liu Zhigeng accompanied him to have the research; KingMed Diagnostics Chairman and CEO Mr Liang accompanied them for the research. During the research, Secretary Hu Chunhua visited KingMed’s laboratory, International Remote Digital Pathologic Consultation Center and other high-tech platform, praised KingMed’s achievements in industry innovation, scale profits, party construction and canonical operation recognition, and were very concerned about the development of employees.