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Zhang Chunsheng, Law Department Director-General of the State Health Development Planning Commission Had a Survey in KingMed Diagnostics Together With Others



On December 6, 2013, Law Department of the State Health Development Planning Commission Director Zhang Chunsheng and Deputy Director Zhao Ning, Deputy Chief of Guangdong Health Development Planning Commission Geng Qingshan and Executive of Policy and Regulation Division Zhang Xinming, as well as other leaders and experts visited KingMed to further understand and promote development of health service industry, promote the third-party medical laboratory industry to play the corresponding role under the background deepening reform. Liang Yaoming, Chairman and CEO of KingMed Diagnostics and other managers accompanied them for survey, and gave detailed answer to the questions raised by the survey team.

Zhang Chunsheng said that the enterprise model of KingMed was very good, he hoped KingMed can play an important role in the future medical reform, especially the intensive development characteristics of third-party medical laboratory shall bring favorable conditions for social division of labor. He advocated our society should encourage and support the development of third-party medical laboratory enterprise such as KingMed Diagnostics, and promote the third-party medical laboratory enterprises to be involved in deepening reform and develop its diversified social benefits, especially the strengthening and promotion role to grassroots medical care, hence to promote the sustained and healthy development of the health service industry in China.