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Listed In Forbes Top100 Again KingMed Diagnostics Ranking 21



On January 7, 2014, Forbes’ Chinese version list of "2014 Most Potential Chinese Non-listing Top100 Enterprises" was released formally. As a third-party medical laboratory industrial leader, KingMed Diagnostics had a significant position in the non-listing enterprise list, and occupied the 21st position, ranking third among the 14 companies listed in Guangdong. In Forbes’ strict selection, as the enterprise in the list for a successive second year and realize a great breakthrough, KingMed let the outside world see its power of enterprise and industry development potential.

Forbes’ researcher said that KingMed showed a strong comprehensive strength and deep background of an enterprise in different ways and KingMed’s development shall be explosive in the future: “it’s obvious for everybody to see the rapid development of KingMed Diagnostics by the list which indicates that the third-party medical laboratory industry is the one with high development potential, we are very bullish on KingMed’s development prospect."