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Splendid Night of KingMed Diagnostics



On February 15, 2014, “KingMed’s Night” was held successfully. Approximately five thousand people, including KingMed’s business partners, employees and their families gathered in Guangzhou tianhe sports center to enjoy the wonderful theatrical performances acted by KingMed’s employees and the scene-type pop concert - the Story of Time by Guangdong Song & Dance Ensemble.



First held in 2005, KingMed Diagnostics Spring Festival gala is not only an epitome of KingMed’s enterprise culture, but also a cultural feast for KingMed’s new and old friends to get together and enjoy the gala.

&KingMed’s Lion Dancing Team played the classic "Golden Lion Celebrating Spring", which showed the overwhelming power of youth, and made a good start for the wonderful KingMed’s performance. Then, Mr. Liang Yaoming, Chairman and CEO of KingMed, debuted the stage, with a shiny dragon ball, led the KingMed Dragon Team composed of executives to swing the 24-meter-long dragon, which brought an upsurge to the party. KingMed chorus performed the 2014 new large-scale song and dance - Golden Dream which is wonderful and further conveyed the mission and beliefs of KingMed’s people. To protect human health, and protect health of all Chinese people is the common golden dream of KingMed’s people.







The second part is the pop song concert – the Story of Time, which showed nearly 40 classic songs in 40 years of Chinese pop music, allowed the audiences to recall the golden age remained in our memory forever in the familiar melody and touching dance and also retrospect those years, those matters, and those touching moments.




“KingMed’s Night” took The Story of Time as the theme, signifying that no matter how time changes, KingMed’s people shall never stop providing health service, and helping Chinese people to be more healthy. At the same time, KingMed’s people will always go hand in hand to create a golden family, and hope that we can get stronger to continue forward diligently from the past time.