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KingMed and Biomerieux Targeting on Microbial Testing, Joint Hands to Protect Chinese Health




Followed the first cooperation in 2008, the domestic third-party medical laboratory leader KingMed Diagnostics and the world leading company in the microbial field– French Biomerieux Diagnostic Products Co., Ltd., reached a win-win cooperation again, and held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony on December 23, 2013 in Guangzhou. By the cooperation, both sides will share their experience and technology in the field of microbial testing, committed to building a world first-class microbiology laboratory, and spreading the world class microbial technology to grassroots medical institutions of China.

As the pioneer of the third-party medical laboratory, on the basis of its original business, KingMed actively expands its microbial testing field and carried on a preliminary cooperation with Biomerieux in 2008. In early 2013, KingMed began to join hands with Biomerieux to have planned the evaluation and improvement process of laboratory, carry on process improvement and optimization to microbiology laboratory of KingMed by deepening the implementation of LeanSigma assessment. At present, KingMed and Biomerieux are having an in-depth cooperation again to build a world first-class KingMed-Biomerieux clinical microbiology new technical sample laboratory in KingMed’s base, and build microbial testing platforms in all platforms of KingMed that in line with the technical level of Biomerieux, adopt the latter’s most advanced technical means to carry out microbiological testing program. Biomerieux will also provide professional technical service and related teaching training, and implement a comprehensive upgrade of microbiology laboratory of KingMed. The cooperation between the two sides aims at microbial testing field of China and importing the world's leading microbial testing technology and laboratory construction standards.

While in the field of food microbial testing, the two sides will also enhance technical cooperation and exchanges, KingMed Diagnostics will make contributions to our country's food security using Biomerieux’s advanced testing products, technical support, and domestic and foreign experts in food microbe testing field, as well as research institutions.