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ASCP Pathology and Medical Laboratories Education and Certification Training Center (Greater China Region) Inaugurated



On March 10, 2014, a grand opening ceremony for ASCP Pathology and Medical Laboratory Education and Certification Training Center (Greater China Region) was held in KingMed Diagnostics.

Mr. Liang Yaoming, Chairman and CEO of KingMed Diagnostics, and Dr. Holland Blair??, CEO of ASCP, addressed the opening ceremony first to express their deep expectation for the long-term and comprehensive cooperation in the future, they also hope together cultivate the most outstanding pathological talents.





Since reaching a strategic cooperation in November 2013, KingMed and ASCP have made positive efforts and finally ushered the formal opening day. The cooperation between the two sides will not only improve the laboratory technology strength of KingMed, enhance the capability undertaking international business, but the pathologist and medical testing personnel of China also have the opportunity to be in close contact with international advanced continuing education resources, hence make greater contributions to further promote the pathological technology progress in China and promote development of the independent medical laboratory.