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KingMed Diagnostics Process Reengineering and Information System Development Project Officially Launched



On October 22, 2013, the launching ceremony for KingMed Diagnostics process reengineering and information system development project was held. During the ceremony, Liang Yaoming, KingMed Diagnostics’ Chairman and CEO, and Zheng Xiaocong from Senior Vice President of IBM China jointly signed a project cooperation agreement. In the next one and half years, KingMed shall cooperate with IBM to carry on business process and information system upgrading to the group and its 21 provincial center laboratories, so as to adapt to the informationized and intelligent development trend of the third-party medical laboratory, hence better meet the diversified service demands of medical institutions at all levels.

Zheng Xiaocong, Senior Vice President from IBM China, expressed his full confidence over the cooperation, the demand for health services in China shall be more and more, and the requirements shall also be higher and higher, it is the inevitable trend for third-party medical laboratory industry to move towards the era of big data.

Liang Yaoming, Chairman of KingMed Diagnostics said that "KingMed has always put quality and innovation as the enterprise’s pursuit". As early as in 2005, the group launched the "business process reengineering and information system reconstruction project”, and became the first third-party medical laboratory institution in China realizing all-around testing information operation and monitoring. Launching the information upgrading project again is a positive response to the requirement on health service industry mentioned in the “Opinions to Promote Development of Health Service Industry” promulgated by the State Council, also the demand to the development of the industry and KingMed Diagnostics. Launch the project is not only the behavior of an enterprise, and also has a great significance to the whole industry informationization process. With regard to informationized medical testing industry, Liang Yaoming is fully confident: "as the leading enterprise of third-party medical laboratory, we hope that KingMed can play the role of a benchmark for the entire industry through the cooperation. This is not only achieving KingMed Diagnostics’ target, what is more important is, through informationization to promote the coming of the era of big data, lead the healthy and sustainable development of the industry, hope our cooperation can make the whole industry to see a better vision in the future."