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Another Move On The Bridgehead Of Hong Kong, KingMed Diagnostics Taking The Lead To Explore International Third-Party Medical Test Market


Recently, KingMed Diagnostics, the largest third-party medical test group in China, has successfully opened its second laboratory in Hong Kong, which signifies the further upgrading of its detection capacity and its ability to provide comprehensive, convenient and quality medical test services to Hong Kong and Macao, to Southeast Asia and to the world.
KingMed Diagnostics reaching another prime, building the most well-equipped third-party medical laboratory in Hong Kong
As is well known, Hong Kong is the most important financial, service and shipping center in Asia, and its economic freedom index ranks the first place in the world. Enjoying the reputation of “Pearl of the Orient”, it is the third largest financial center in the world, next only to London and New York.
Based on Hong Kong’s unique location of “connecting Macao and the Mainland China and facing the world” and as the leader of third-party medical test industry, KingMed Diagnostics has always taken Hong Kong as the bridgehead in its exploration of international market, and established its first laboratory in Hong Kong as early as April, 2011.
As well said by Liang Yaoming, the President of KingMed Diagnostics, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) is a well-known free port, and is not subject to the restraints of certain administrative policies of the Mainland China in clinical test field; building a laboratory here is a trial by the group in a different policy and legal environment, which can lay a foundation for both the development of international medical test services and the export of China’s third-party medical test services.
Vice President Yan Ting (second from the left) and leaders of KingMed Diagnostics (Hong Kong) at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the second laboratory
In the principle of proceeding in an orderly way, the first Hong Kong laboratory of KingMed Diagnostics focuses on conventional medical tests. After three and a half years of preparation, the second laboratory has been opened as scheduled, and focuses on molecular bacteriological tests, genetic diagnosis and other high-end test markets. It is expected to become the most well-equipped third-party medical laboratory in Hong Kong with the strongest technical force.
Rising abruptly based on its accumulated strength, the third-party transnational medical test services presenting its promising prospect
In China, third-party medical test has become a hotspot of discussion in recent years. No matter it’s the Some Suggestions Regarding Promoting the Development of Health Care Industry issued by the State Council in September of last year which for the first time taken third-party test and detection as an important related supporting industry of health care industry or the Document No.58 issued also by the State Council which explicitly defines test and certification services as a hi-tech service industry, the third-party test and detection industry of China has already been elevated to an unprecedented height. Receiving the positive signals released by a series of major favorable policies, the whole nation from top to bottom is placing high hopes on the future of third-party medical test industry.
The original intention of KingMed Diagnostics in opening its Hong Kong laboratory was to explore the way in which the group and the third-party medical test industry would march into international market. Today, the first Hong Kong laboratory has been successfully operated for more than three years, and, besides serving local medical institutions based in Hong Kong and Macao, it also successfully developed Iranian market in 2013. All these achievements can be leveraged by the second laboratory (Harbour City), and, combined with the joining of leading experts and doctors from Queen Mary Hospital, it can be expected to seize the frontline of the world’s cutting-edge technologies.
As the pathfinder and leader of domestic third-party medical test industry, KingMed Diagnostics has served our people for 20 years in health care field, and, by virtue of its rich experience, it has geared itself to international standards in quality system, talent team, technical platform and many other aspects. It has also established extensive and deep strategic industry-university-research cooperation with international giants like Cleveland Clinic, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Quest Diagnostics, ROCHE Diagnostics, BioMerieux, QIAGEN, etc., and joined hands with ASCP to build ASCP pathological and medical test education and certification training center (Greater China). Many high-quality international resources have provided KingMed Diagnostics the convenience of undertaking transnational orders.
Relying on the good development opportunities and its past rich experience and undertaking its responsibilities as an industry leader, KingMed Diagnostics is eager for further launching and developing its transnational services, which no doubt will provide valuable referential experience and model for external exchange and cooperation and for service export in medical test field. Just because we have such a robust and forward-looking leader like KingMed Diagnostics, we believe that China’s third-party medical test services will have a promising future in marching into international market.


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