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Academic Conference

KingMed Diagnostics Attended16th National Conference of Neurology of Chinese Medical Association



On October 11, 2013, “16th National Conference of Neurology of Chinese Medical Association” was grandly opened in Nanjing, a well-known historic and cultural city. Themes at this conference included genetic nerve, neuromuscular pathology, neurobiochemistry, neural immunity and various aspects of nervous system diseases. More than 4,000 experts and scholars in the field of neurology at home and abroad gathered in Nanjing, to discuss the latest developments and clinical hot issues on neurology. As the only independent participating laboratory, KingMed Diagnostics received the attention and support of many participating experts and doctors.


After the opening ceremony, about 500 participantscame to booth of KingMed Diagnostics to understand the gene detection of neurological genetic disease and muscle biopsy. Associate Professor Zhou Jun, muscle biopsy attending expert of KingMed Diagnostics Group, came to the booth for guidance, and conducted extensive, in-depth exchanges with participants. Many participantssaid, the genetic diseases encountered before cannot be detected and the patients were only recommended to visit other hospitals; but now, KingMed Diagnostics can provide testing and professional logistics and distribution services, we felt very happy and highly recognized the genetic disease testing services of KingMed Diagnostics and put forward many valuable suggestions.