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Academic Conference

KingMed Diagnostics AttendedAnnual Conferenceof Chinese Society of Nephrology 2013



Annual Conference of Chinese Society of Nephrology (CSN) 2013 was held ceremoniously in beautiful Fuzhou on October 16, 2013. The experts from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and Chinese-American scholars gathered together in the conference. The number of participants reached a record-breaking 5500. Around the theme of “Popularization and improvement, be geared to international standards”, the conference discussed great achievements obtained in the field of nephrology in the past year and the latest advances.

KingMed Diagnostics set up a professional booth at this conference and established digital section experience zone for renal pathology. Novel forms and advanced technology attracted hundreds of doctors to visit the KingMed booth for guidance exchanges. Through the digital section experiences, many participating experts, doctors had a more comprehensive understanding of KingMed Nephrology Testing Center and thought that digital section can effectively solve many problems of nephrology and be helpful to upgrade the discussion mode on clinical cases, also can be used for remote consultation and conducive to the preservation and sorting of data and to establish a shared resource database for renal pathology, and is also convenient for each patient to collect his/her own pathological image, further spreading the knowledge of renal pathology.