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Academic Conference

The Excellence Conference for Diagnosis and Treatment Standardization of Genetic Disease was Hosted Successfully by KingMed Diagnostics (Guangzhou)



On July 13, 2013, the Excellence Conference for Diagnosis and TreatmentStandardization of Genetic Disease was held in Guangzhou headquarters of KingMed Diagnostics Group, which attracted more than 40 clinicians from the various locations of Guangdong province and the area of Macao.

At the meeting, Dr. Yu Changshun, the director of Molecular Genetics Department of KingMed Diagnostics (Guangzhou), firstly gave a wonderful speech of the Application of Molecular Testing in Diagnosis of Common Pediatric Genetic Disease. Then Yang Yanling, the deputy director of Genetic, Metabolic Endocrinology Group of Chinese Academy of Pediatrics, the deputy director of Newborn Screening Group of Child Health Branch of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, the member of ASJMD and the secretary-general of 5th APAC Newborn Screening Society and the professor of Department of Pediatrics of Peking University First Hospital, gave the special report of the Idea in Diagnosis and Therapy of Inherited Metabolic Disorders to detail the new technologies and new developments in domestic diagnosis and therapy, as well as the ideas in diagnosis and treatment for the inherited metabolic disorders, and transferred the knowledge related to the diseases to the physicians at the meeting via the vivid cases intuitively in order to deepen the physicians’ understanding of the disease. Finally, teacher Cheng Yating, the director of Physics and Chemistry Discipline of KingMed Diagnostics Group, the director of Physics and Chemistry Discipline of Experiment and Diagnosis Department of KingMed Diagnostics (Guangzhou), presented the Summary of Endocrine, Genetics and Metabolism Testing of KingMed Diagnostics to give a more particular knowledge of the testing items and service processes in diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases of KingMed Diagnostics to the physicians.