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Academic Conference

The 11th National Cytopathologic Academic Conference &Cytopathologic Smear-reading Seminar Successfully Held



On June, 15-17, 2013, the “11th National Cytopathologic Academic Conference & Cytopathologic Smear-reading Seminar” was grandly held in Jinggangshan, a sacred revolutionary shrine, and around 300 cytopathologic physicians from more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions nationwide participated in the conference, including Professor Liang Xiaoman, a senior pathologic consultation expert of KingMed Diagnostics Group and Zheng Baowen, the Director of the Cytopathologic Department.

Supported by Professor Liu Dongge of Beijing Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Chairman of Committee of the Cytological Group of the Chinese Society of Pathology, and Professor Fu Xinwen from Jiangxi Provincial People’s Hospital discussed about 70 cases with more than 50 cytopathologic experts from all over the country in two days in the form of cytopathologic smear reading, covering cervical cytology, nongynecological and fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC), non-gynecological exfoliative cytology, etc. These cases include both common cases and intractable cases, and involve gynecological reproductive system, breast lesion, respiratory system, digestive system, lymphatic and hematopoietic system, urinary system, nervous system, bone and soft tissue lesions, etc. All these cases provided with detailed data, dedicate images, abundant auxiliary examination means and rigorous conclusions, and almost all provided with histological results contrasts, etc.; some cases also presented the application of several detection technologies in cytopathology like immunohistochemistry, molecular neuropathology, flow cytometry, FISH, etc., by which participants can both learn the knowledge of conventional cytopathologic diagnosis and understand the application of new technologies in cytopathology to significantly expand their horizon and perspectives.



Meanwhile, what’s delightful is that, with the development of cytopathology in China and with more and more attention being paid to cytopathology, more and more excellent young doctors are joining in the cytopathologic team, endowing the cytopathologic field with youthful spirity and presenting us with a promising prospect of cytopathology.