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Academic Conference

Focus on the Development of Laboratory MedicineBoost from the Summit Forum



The Summit Forum for the Development of Sino-US Laboratory Medicine in the 21st Century was held at the auditorium of Guangzhou Medical University on March 11, 2014. The forum was jointly hosted by KingMed College of Laboratory Medicine of Guangzhou Medical University, American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) and Guangdong Medical Association, Society of Laboratory Medicine, attracting some 450 medical peers nationwide.


Both from a strong international academic perspective and based on the down to earth principle, the forum invited a number of American experts to present special reports and several well-known experts in China to share their thoughts on site. They conducted in-depth academic exchanges on hot topics such as the development direction and international certification of laboratory professionals, the application of DNA sequencing, cytogenetics and mass spectrometry technology in medical laboratory, circulating tumor cells and training of individualized medical and laboratory professionals.


Liang Yaoming, president of KingMed College of Laboratory Medicine of Guangzhou Medical University and chairman of KingMed Diagnostics, delivered the opening speech.


Wang Xinhua, president of Guangzhou Medical University, made a speech.


Feng Shaomin, sub-inspector of the Health and Family Planning Commission of Guangdong Province, made a speech.


Host: Doctor Tang Jun, vice-president of KingMed College of Laboratory Medicine of Guangzhou Medical University


Host: Professor Liu Yunde, president of School of Laboratory Medicine of Tianjin Medical University


Host: Professor Lv Yuan, director of Shanghai Center for Clinical Laboratory


Doctor Holland Blair, The Current and Future Practicing Directions of American Laboratory Professionals 


Professor Yin Yibing, Issues on the Training of Professionals for Medical Laboratory


Doctor Zhang Xiuhui, The Application and Outlook of Modern Cytogenetics in Medical Laboratory


Doctor Wang Sihe, The Application of Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrum in Clinical Laboratory Testing


Professor, Peng Yongxiang, The Human Development-Centered Training System 


Professor Yang Wangling, Modern DNA Sequencing Technology and its Application in Clinical Studies and Scientific Researches


Director Yang Jennifer, International Certification and Test Program by American Society for Clinical Pathology – International Certification for Laboratory Professionals 


Professor Zheng Lei, Circulating Tumor Cells and RealtimeI Individualized Medical Treatment


Group Photo of Guest Speakers and Senior Management of KingMed Diagnostics