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Public Welfare

Assist health fund and concern industrial development


KingMed made a donation of the same value of 1.6 million RMB to Guangdong Population Foundation on “Cervical cancer TCT cytology and pathological project of Guangdong transient population” on Nov. 4th, 2011.


“Care fund of China Family Planning Association” initiated formally on Nov. 29th, 2011. KingMed has made a donation of the same value of 5 million RMB to “Guangdong baby care event” for inspection of infant healthy quality with a view to assist this fund.


During 2010-2012, China Hospital CEO collaboration with KingMed to host the activity of “KINGMED Cup” for selection of the grass-rooted hospital directors with the greatest people beneficial spirits for continuous 3 years, so as to further carry forward the spirits of “loving, convenience and beneficial for the people” at the primary care level.