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Clinical Examination Center

Comprehensive personalized testing Center for Solid Tumors



To achieve Kingmed’s mission: providing highest quality of clinical services, the Center has continuously recruited talented professionals at home and abroad, and adopted the concept of ‘systems biology’ to improve testing menu. The Center has innovatively introduced the Molecular and Pathology Solution(MAPS) integrated diagnostic scheme to Chinese customers, to provide the most complete EBM (Evidence-Based Medicine) reports for various solid tumors, offer high-quality and comprehensive personalized medical services for doctors and patients, and ultimately improve patients’ prognosis and living quality.


Main Technology Platforms

Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), molecular biology, digitized quantitative immunohistochemical analysis, next generation sequencing (NGS), high-throughput gene microarray and specialist international consultation platforms.


Clinical Applications

Assessment of tumor susceptibility and genetic risk, screen of common solid tumor genes, tumor pharmacogenomics analysis, molecular classification and evaluation of the response of targeted cancer therapy, testing of tumor genes in mutational hotspots, and international consultation for difficult tumor cases.


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