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Clinical Examination Center

Diagnostic Center For Infectious Diseases



KingMed Diagnostic Center for Infectious Diseases implements the clinically oriented testing service, pursues the principle of quality priority and emphasizes the introduction of academic element and high tech personnel as well as education and training of staffs. The testing items are organized by taking aim to diseases and syndromes, the new technologies, assays and theories in laboratory medicine are introduced and developed timely to provide the broad range and high quality services for patients and clinicians.


Major technique platforms

Three platforms are available and those are the cultures for bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma and Chlamydia, the serological assays for a variety of infectiouspathogens and the molecular detection of bacteria and virus.


Clinical applications

The clinical services offered by the KingMed Center for Infectious Diseases include the screening and pathogenic diagnosis of various infectious diseases, the prediction of infection status, the guidance ofantimicrobialchemotherapy, the monitoring of treatment efficiency and the assessment of prognosis.