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KingMed & Quest Diagnostics Alliance Laboratory: Win-win “Transnational Marriage”


On February 16, 2012, KingMed & Quest Diagnostics Alliance Laboratory officially started business. The laboratory integrates industry advantage service network of KingMed in China, and Quest’s leading technology and service concept which makes complement to the field of medical examination in China.

Founded in 1967, Quest is currently the largest clinical diagnosis company in the United States. It has 35 regional diagnostic centers, 155 rapid reaction laboratories and over 2,100 patient service centers in USA. It also has over 100 million diagnostic specimens each year, covering over half clinics and hospitals across the country. Quest has the largest commercial laboratory in the world, constantly developed high-end test items in multiple fields, and achieved earnings growth at ultra-high speed. Its turnover in 2011 reached 7.5 billion US dollars.

As a leader of the third-party medical testing industry in China, KingMed has always improved its own development mode, paid attention to technology and management mode in line with international standard, so as to maintain absolute advantage and leading position in terms of technology and service level. KingMed is the first medical laboratory which obtained both CAP and ISO 15189 world class quality accreditation in China. KingMed has set up central laboratories in 21 provinces (including Hong Kong ), with service network covering 30 provinces and 90% of population in China. The professionalism and service network of KingMed is one of the main reasons why Quest chose to collaborate with KingMed.

Since communication in 2008, pass through about four years of understanding and coordination, KingMed and Quest finally make collaboration with each other in 2012 and founded KingMed & Quest Diagnostics Alliance Laboratory.

This “transnational marriage” increases the testing items of both side, achieves resource complementation and sharing, and expands technical platform and test fields, which helps to undertake international multicenter clinical trial projects.