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New Model for Joint Medical Testing Laboratory


Zhuzhou Central Hospital in collaborations with KingMed Diagnostics,establishing a laboratory which is not only attract social capital and effectively integrates medical resources to the hospital, but also a move which shows KingMed actively participates in health care reform.


Setting an Example: Jointly Establish Medical Service New Model

“12th Five-year Health Cause Development Plan” pointed out that to guide social capital participate in public hospital reform and restructuring, to form a diversified hospital patterns. The plan provides policy warranty for new medical reformation which social capital involved in.

It was a daring attempt for Zhuzhou City which is one of pilot cities for national medical reformin such background. In 2010, Zhuzhou City No.1 Hospital (formerly known as Zhuzhou Central Hospital) proposed the idea to introduce social capital in the construction of new hospital area and to jointly establish medical testing center, so as to greatly enhance the rapid processing ability of large batch sample testing. It can meet demand of examination department in the hospital itself and cover all levels hospitals in Zhuzhou area with this as the center in the same time. Then upgrad entire standard of medical testing ability in Zhuzhou City and reduce the government’s investment in construction of examination department in basic-level hospitals.

In October 2010, Zhuzhou City No.1 Hospital (formerly known as Zhuzhou Central Hospital) made public tender for joint establishment of medical examination center. After that KingMed won the bid and signed a contract with Hospital on May 6, 2011. In addition to providing supports on instruments and equipment, operation and management, and other aspects, KingMed also offers the hospital with consultation service on laboratory quality management as well as assists the hospital in applying for ISO15189 system accreditation for medical laboratory. At the same time, by making use of high-end examination technology platform as well as domestic and foreign expert resources, KingMed assists the hospital in construction and development of clinical hematology department, pathology department and oncology department.


Expectation: Upgrade entire Medical Examination standard of Zhuzhou

By the end of 2013, the joint construction of laboratory not only meets the needs of the medical testing requirement of Zhuzhou Central Hospital, but also covers the service area to Taihu Community Service Station, Songshan Community Service Center, Xiaohutang Community Service Station, and other adjacent communities. It is also expected to all primary-level hospitals and community service stations in Zhuzhou City. The joint construction of laboratory not only effectively integrates the funds of KingMed, laboratory operation, quality management in line with international standard, and other advantages, (but also fully plays to comprehensive radiation effect of Zhuzhou Central Hospital in Zhuzhou area), makes effective and beneficial trial to enhance the medical testing level in the whole city, avoids repeated investment and construction of examination departments in basic-level hospitals, and obtains good social benefit with smaller economic costs, so that the Zhuzhou people can enjoy international first-class medical examination services without going outside community,. Meanwhile, it also provides new sample and reference mode for national medical reform.

At the same time, under friendly cooperation of both sides in terms of production, university and research, the hospital’s various work has been promoted gradually: the preparation work on ISO15189 of Examination Department has been started, and new round of cooperation in terms of discipline construction of hematology department, pathology department, etc. has been also on the agenda.