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KingMed Diagnostics-UPMC International Remote Digital Pathologic Consultation Center: “Dream Bridge” for Pathology Experts from China and USA


Establishment of international pathological diagnosis channels has been the common wish of many medical institutions. KingMed Diagnostics-UPMC International Remote Digital Pathologic Consultation Center, which is known as “Dream Bridge” for pathology experts from China and USA, was formally established in 2011 that has opened a new chapter for remote pathologic consultation cooperation between China and USA.


China Collaborates with USA in Terms of Remote Digital Pathologic Consultation

How to fully use pathological development experience of western developed countries as references, integrate international expert resources to better serve Chinese and the medical institutions at all levels in China that is the question that KingMed has always considered. With the progression of communication and medical technology, remote digital pathologic consultation becomes possible.

At this moment, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (hereinafter referred to as UPMC), which ranks top five in the medicine industry in the United States, is actively seeking cooperation in terms of pathologic diagnosis projects in Asia. As a leader of third-party medical testing industry in China, KingMed wins the favor of UPMC with its high-standard service level, extensive service network, and other advantages. The both sides conduct in-depth exchange and signed a contract in June 2011.


“Dream Bridge” Promotes the Development of Pathology in China

KingMed Diagnostics-UPMC International Remote Digital Pathologic Consultation Center is the first cooperation project that UPMC carried out in Asia, and the milestone which marks that third-party medical testing industry in China is marching towards internationalization. Geng Qingshan, vice director of Department of Health of Guangdong Province, delightedly called it “dream bridge” for connecting pathology experts from all over the world.

Mr. Yaoming Liang, Chairman and CEO of KingMed Diagnostics, pointed out that following the innovation of technology, digital pathologic diagnosis and consultation will be an important supplement in the future, and KingMed will use the international consultation platform of UPMC to provide high quality services to more medical institutions and patients, so as to enable patients to enjoy professional diagnostic services offered by international pathology experts at home.



University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) is one of the most famous academic medical centers across the United States. Currently, it has 20 academic, community and specialty hospitals and 400 clinics with annual turnover of US$8 billion, and has nearly 50,000 employees covering 29 counties in western Pennsylvania. UPMC is in the international leading position in organ transplantation, neurological surgery, stem cell science and tissue engineering, nano science and other fields.