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“Community Medical Examination Train” Opens People-benefiting Channel


How to distribute patient in hospitals and let people to see a doctor more convenience that can really achieve “diagnosis at the grass-roots level first” advocated in new medical reform, becomes a general concern in the society.


First trial: Community Medical Examination Train

At present, people are often informed that the relevant testing items are not available and only can be done in large hospitals when they see doctor in basic-level hospitals and community service stations. For this reason, in order to save trouble and gain convenience, they have to choose to visit doctors in large hospitals directly rather than in the community hospital nearby.

As a health administrative agency, Guangzhou Haizhu District Health Bureau hopes to integrate various resources to provide more high-quality and convenient medical services all the time, so as to let the residents free from the trouble of going back and forth to large hospitals. The idea of collaboration with KingMed Diagnostics was thus generated.

KingMed Diagnostics, headquartered in Guangzhou, is a leading enterprise of third-party medical testing industry in China. Over the past 20 years, it has engaged in providing medical testing outsourcing services with low price and high quality to various medical institutions at all levels. If the Development Guidance Center of Haizhu District Health Bureau takes the lead to promote the cooperation between KingMed and community health service center that will greatly enhance medical testing service ability in Haizhu District, not only avoid governments’ repeated investment and construction in this regard, but also integrate social resources, meanwhile enable residents to enjoy high-level medical testing services nearby.

In view of this, the Development Guidance Center of Haizhu District Health Bureau and KingMed Diagnostics officially signed a framework agreement in June 2013 which all community health service centers in Haizhu district works with KingMed to build up “Community Medical Testing Train” to carry out medical testing outsourcing cooperation.


Building People-benefiting Channel to Achieve Win-win Situation

At present, community health service centers in Haizhu District have all signed cooperation agreements with KingMed Diagnostics. Through this cooperation, community health service centers have greatly expanded the range of their medical examination items, and substantially enhanced their diagnosis ability. Therefore, residents can use high quality medical testing services nearby. In order to provide more high-quality services, KingMed also specially set up logistics distribution and information system docking program which makes the medical testing services in time and more convenient. The residents can get accurate testing reports with lesser payment in the shortest time.

In addition, KingMed will set up community health service centers in Haizhu District with testing quality management consulting services through their own advantages, and introduce the international standard management concept and system into community health management, thus providing more thoughtful services to residents. In terms of health management, chronic disease monitoring, prenatal examination, prenatal and postnatal care, senile disease monitoring etc, such cooperation mode also has a lot of conveniences. KingMed has domestic and international experts in different disciplines who can peridically deliver lectures to help community doctors and residents to enhance professional skills and healthy knowledge. So far, various academic exchanges and trainings shall be carried out for ten times with hundreds of audience. KingMed has also assisted Haizhu District to complete various works such as chronic disease monitoring, physical examination in kindergartens, primary and secondary students, the elderly physical examination, free pre-pregnancy eugenic examination.