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Service Items

The Division of Medical Research & Development Services is led by an experienced medical expert who studied and worked on molecular and cellular medicine in the U.S. for many years and was introduced to KingMed, and supported by dozens of multi-disciplinary specialists from domestic and foreign outstanding universities. The division is committed to providing high-tech and innovative research and development services on life science, basic and clinical medicine.

We not only possess sets of advanced high-end instruments with international brands, but also have recruited a group of professional employees, the majority of whom have Ph.D. or M.S. degrees on biology and medicine. We provide more than 70 biomedical outsourcing and innovative research services through 12 advanced technology platforms, such as virology and cell biology, nucleic acid detection, protein detection, gene engineering, microarray, pathological techniques and diagnosis, and chromatography and mass spectrometry analysis.  

 We are always committed to solving customers' medical research problems and meeting customers' scientific research needs, and put customer first. We keep up with the frontier development of international biomedical knowledge and technologies, and constantly introduce and develop various new technologies and methods, in order to assist you in promoting your overall medical service level andenhancingyour abilities of innovative research, disease diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, as well as novel drug development and its safety assessment. We aim to be an excellent base formodern high-tech and biomedical outsourcing and innovative research services with internationalreputation, and provide the high quality and wholehearted services to our clients from hospitals, research institutions, universities, bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing company, and so on.