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Service Items

The virology and cell biology platform provides broad-pectrum techniques, such as construction and packaging of recombinant vector viruses, isolation and culture of primary cells, detection of cell morphology and behaviors, and so on.


Service items:

1. construction, package, and titration of recombinant vector viruses

2. isolation and culture of primary cells

3. continuous cell culture

4. cell cloning

5. cell proliferation assay

6. cell cycle assay

7. cell apoptosis/death assay

8. cell migration/invasion assay

9. transfection/transduction of cells

10. establishment of stable cell lines

11. cell colony-forming on soft-agar

12. cytoxicity assay

13. cell immunofluorescence assay, CIF

14. single cell gel electrophoresis, SCGE

15. flow cytometry, FCM